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Welcome to the Personal Stories of our membership.

Lyn M

02/23/98 01:48:44

City, State, Country: San Diego, CA
Age: 53
What is the cause of your hip problems?: Congenital; OA
What is/was your profession?: Legal secretary

Hi, everyone! I'm 5 weeks post-op and doing extremely well except for some back pain. My PT is not having much success at relieving it, either with mobilization or exercises. It's on the side opposite the THR and feels like something is caught. I can occasionally "pop" it loose but seems to bother me almost every day. Have any of you experienced something like this? If so, what is it and how can I correct it? Thanks for your help!


Alissa Anne L - 02/22/98 21:03:32

City, State, Country: Maple Valley, Washington
Age: 27
Sex: Female
How many hip surgeries have you had?: 3 (1 THR, 1Revision & 1 to put me back together)
What is the cause of your hip problems?: Car Accident
What is/was your profession?: Elemenary Special Education Teacher
In 1989 I was thrown from a car and shattered my asutabelum.. so they put me back together with some hardware.. but 6 month later I had to have a left THR.. it worked for about 4 years until the metal socket cracked so then they replaced it an now I'm out an about pain free for the most part!!! Questions for anyone who would like to answer.. 1. What athletic activities can you do and do not do? 2. Does anyone know of a good ortho doctor in the Seattle, Washington area? That's it. I'm glad to read about people who are living successfully and pain free!! AAL

John K - 02/22/98 06:32:21

City, State, Country: Los Gatos,
Age: 64
Sex: Male
How many hip surgeries have you had?: one, 10/31/85
What is the cause of your hip problems?: don'tknow
What is/was your profession?: teacher, MFCC
Wow, I've been wanting to talk to someone who understands...What a find! So far tonight I've scanned the messages for something related to my problem (sound familiar?). Am going back to enjoy the messages next time. I'm 12 years on my first THR-uncemented , and having lots of on-again-off-again painin muscle tissue around the prosthesis. It's been interesting to read in a couple of the messages about "particles from sockets wearing" and problems they cause. I think maybe I'm having some of that. The x-rays show the prosthesis in place. But during the last year, the pain has been more consistent and troublesome. I use a cane sometimes before I can get to my naturopath who does neuro-muscular therapy which clears up a lot of the pain for a while. I think a 2n THP is coming. Trying to hold out. That's for starters. Thanks, Linda, for starting this page.

Bobbie H- 02/22/98 04:11:11

City, State, Country: Inverness,FL USA
Age: 64 1/2
Sex: Female
How many hip surgeries have you had?: 2 (simultaneous bilateral)
What is the cause of your hip problems?: Osteoarthritis
What is/was your profession?: Retired Elementary Teacher
I was in extreme pain for about 10 years (the last 3-4 it was excruciating). My gait was very much affected by trying to compensate for the pain and my activities were quite limited--I am a very active woman for my age, and I wanted to be able to do the hings I like. So, after prodding from my children, I sought the opinions of several orthopaedic doctors, and was told that there was NO cartilage in either hip joint. I was scheduled immediately for simultaneous bilateral THR. My doctor was William Pet y and my surgery was done at Shands Teaching Hospital in Gainesville, FL on August 26, 1997. I had an epidural with minimal general anesthesia and didn't know a thing till I woke up in the recovery room. There, I had a drop in B/P and was given 2 units f the blood I had donated previously. I spent 4 days in the hospital and was up walking with a walker the 2nd day--(albeit only a short walk to the bathroom and back!!). Then, I spent 7 days in the rehab hospital, where I received intense physical thera y. Then, home to recuperate!!! My daughter (and her 4 children) stayed with me for 5 weeks, and what a blessing that was. (Let me back up a little---I have 2 daughters who are nurses, and they stayed with me 'round the clock the 4 days I was in the hos ital---how lucky I am to have private duty nurses in the family!!---I am truly blessed). My husband has Alzheimer's Disease, so it was necessary for someone to stay with me to care for him and me, and it was wonderful therapy (mental!!) to have the grand hildren with us--they were my little "go-fers" and also loved to rub Grammy's feet and legs with lotion several times a day!!! :-) My recovery was miraculous. I went for a post-op visit 5 weeks after surgery, and was given permission to drive and to resume all activities that my body didn't balk at. I was permitted, at that time, to walk unaided while working in the kitchen, etc. still used my walker for other walking. At 11 weeks post-op, I went for another check-up and was told that I had made such a great recovery that my doctor didn't need to see me for a year (usually, he scheduled a 6 month check-up, but he said I didn't n ed that!!). I could now go anywhere totally unaided!!! Remember--I had both hips replaced---this was God's miracle!!! I could now tie my shoes, put my socks on, pick things up from the floor, put my panty hose on, etc. etc. Actually, at that point I could do everything I wanted to do with the exception of crossing my legs. (My doctor had me cross both legs in his office just to make sure I wouldn't dislocate because I told him that I had the strong urges to cross my legs and I did cross each of my legs n the doctor's presence, but he said he really didn't want me to make a practice of doing it!!) I have continued to become more comfortable with everything and I attribute my swift and total recovery to God and to the prayers that were sent to Him by everyone. I have a wonderful support system---my family, my friends, my Church, and the Totally Hip support group. Granted, I still have some discomfort in the muscles of my legs and, if I am on my feet for long periods, I have a bit of swelling. There is however, NO PAIN IN MY JOINTS!!!!!!! Praise the Lord--He is so good to me. I am now almost 6 months post-op and I feel wonderful. I even fell about 2 months ago--a major trip and fall right on one of my hips, and there was no injury, no dislocation, no pain, NOTHING!! I am one lucky lady!!! I am so grateful to all the people in the Totally Hip support group for all the information, encouragement, prayers, and friendships and love. It made my pre-op, surgery, and post-op times so much more relaxed and calm, and I know that assisted in the mi aculous recovery I have experienced. My most heartfelt thanks to Linda and this marvelous site and all the wonderful people who are so supportive and caring. I love you all. To anyone contemplating this surgery: DO IT!! If you are otherwise in good health, don't suffer needless pain. There is LIFE AFTER THR----I can certainly attest to this. I know that the facts that I am in good physical health, good physical condition, do exercise, watch my weight, etc. had a lot to do with the way I came through this experience. I continue to do all the hip exercises which were recommended before surgery, and I take good care of me. I have to---my husband depends on me too. So, thes things and lots of prayer have made a whole new life for me, and I am very grateful!!!

Maureen M

 02/21/98 18:21:17

City, State, Country: Newton, NH USA
Age: 50
Sex: female
How many hip surgeries have you had?: one already and one to come next month
What is the cause of your hip problems?: car accident 92
What is/was your profession?: Cobbler

I was struck crossing the street and had my hip replaced I thought it was total but to my surprise I now need to have my hip done again. I was told as long as I did not jog or bicycle I would never need it replaced. This is true but the doctor never replace the cup and I now have worn a hole in my hip and my left leg is three quarters of an inch shorter. I have never not had pain since my surgery was told it was something I had to live with. I believed him till I could not stand it anymore. The new doctor asked me why I didn't have a complete hip replacement. With my age I should have had it done. Because I had a lot more time than and older person and I am lucky I didn't do as much damage by waiting so long .

Bob K

 02/21/98 15:53:39

City, State, Country: Mentor,Ohio
Age: 45
Sex: male
How many hip surgeries have you had?: one
What is the cause of your hip problems?: wear & tear - arthritis
What is/was your profession?: manufacturing supervisor

Hi everybody: 33 days after surgery and everything seems to be going pretty well. Saw the doctor two days ago and he said the popping that I have been feeling will go away as the tissue firms up. Reviewed the x-ray with him and everthing looks picture per ect. Since this is a non-cemented THR the recovery will last a little longer. Said that I should be able to start driving in a couple of weeks, really up to me and how I feel. It seems the rest of my recovering will be at my own pace. However, he did say hat I will need some kind of walking assitance for the next two months. Originallly said that I would be back to work in six weeks, this is not going to happen. Roughest part so far was from doing too much in the hospital, they let me walk over two hundred feet the first day and encouraged me to do as much exercise as I could in bed. Second day home leg had swollen to twice it's size and the mid thigh pain was unbearable. A quick trip to the doctor solved this problem. Just went home and caught the flu and thought that I was going to die the rest of the week. Warning - ask question and don't over do it. Still don't understand what the in hospital P/T's were thinking about, the visiting P/T was great! Will see the doctor in a month and decide when I will re urn to work. Linda thanks for the web site, it has been very informative and I have met some very nice people.

Jack T

02/20/98 22:04:01

City, State, Country: Surrey B.C. Canada
Age: 71
Sex: Male
What is the cause of your hip problems?: Arthritis
What is/was your profession?: Retired

An update to my previous page. After going through all the letters from the various walks of life I find it very gratifying to learn about other peoples troubles and thank god I haven't got some of their worries. For those of you that are feeling down on ourselves take note that there is always somebody worse off than yourself, don't give up and don't worry about the operations. I worried about my first operation and ended up in another hospital, on the day that I was to have it, after suffering a mild stroke. My Dr. said that it was caused by stress and worry about going into the hospital for my hip replacement. I had listened to too many stories of other hip patients. My surgery was put back 6 weeks. When I did go in for it I went in with a clear mind an did not worry about having it. I'm not young so you can understand my concern. It was a waste of time my worrying. The trouble was that I had to go into hospital at 6.00 am for surgery at 11.15 am. I had my Stroke at 2.30 am and was in the hospital by 3.30 am. I was lucky it didn't happen later. Another part of it was that I was to have a local, which is where you are awake all the way through the process. I need not have worried, you don't feel or see anything. The hospital I was in was the best, caring and dedicated to the patient, food not too good, but passable, I believe we have the best medical care in the world. When my wife came into see me later on in the day she asked, "How was it?" my reply was "A piece of cake". I really don't know what I worried about. The second one was just a matter of routine. I might add that I went into hospital the previous night as they did not want me having another stroke. My recovery was fast and I was driving my P/U after three weeks and playing golf at seven weeks. The second one as mentioned previously was not so easy and is still giving me a little pain now and again. But as time goes by the pain is not so often, so it must be repairing at a slower pace. I am also on prednisone for asthma, I note that a great number of you are on the same medication. I've only been on it about three years, so that has not contributed to my problems of the hips. To all who have given up hope of finding relief, don't despai , I went from one Dr. to another. One who called me a drug adict because I was taking a prescribed pain killer to another one who said I wasn't ready for a replacement for another two years. I went to another one after him who did the job six months later and he was the best in his profession in my opinon. There are quacks out there, you have to find the right one. I hope that this has helped some of you who have doubts and worries. Keep in touch with others for support. Thanks Linda, your an Angel.

Claude d

02/20/98 20:43:31

City, State, Country: Stamford,
Age: 54
How many hip surgeries have you had?: none, yet
What is the cause of your hip problems?: Lyme, arthitis, ?
What is/was your profession?: Salesman

I have been diagnosed with aseptic necrosis just recently. I am told Prednisone might cause avn?I have been on heavy antibiotics (Rocephin, Ceftin, Doxycycline, etc) to cure Lyme disease. It was at the tail end of my treatment (9 months) that the diagno is was made. I am told I might need hip replacement. Or, Bone grafting? I only used prednisone i August of 1997 (about 22 pills), so, I can't immagine that would cause AVN? Anyone hav any ideas? My pain is milder in the AM and gets bad at night.

Jack T

 02/20/98 19:06:22

City, State, Country: Surrey B.C. V3S 7J8 CANADA
Age: 71
Sex: Male
What is the cause of your hip problems?: Arthritis
What is/was your profession?: Air Canada Baggage Tracer

I have had two hips replaced, the first one was done on December 6th 1996. The second was replaced 11th June 1997. I have had no trouble with the first one but a little discomfort with the second. My main pleasure in life for recreation is Golf. It was aft r the rounds of golf that 3 times I have had the discomfort of it clicking half way out of its socket and once when I was sitting down on the stair steps with my legs in a "V" position. I have not had any trouble with it since before Christmas.

Daphne H

02/20/98 01:42:32

City, State, Country: Kent, WA, USA
Age: 67
How many hip surgeries have you had?: 2 (1 each side)
What is the cause of your hip problems?: Severe osteoarthritis
What is/was your profession?: Secretary/Admin


Nancy W - 02/19/98 23:05:40

City, State, Country: Culpeper, VA USA
Age: 42
How many hip surgeries have you had?: 14 and looking at more
What is the cause of your hip problems?: stress fracture
What is/was your profession?: Account Clerk II, Fairfax County Government
Well my story starts in the Fall of 1993. The story goes as follows: My soon be husband (at that time) and I were at the State Fair in Richmond, VA on September 25, 1993. This was the first outing of this kind in a long time (due to a car accident in 1981 which crushed my left leg in 18 places.) We were walking around the exhibit buildings looking at the people and their wares and we had gotten through 3 of the buildings. We were in the 4th and last building when out of the blue I doubled over in pain. I s t down in some chairs that happened to be near by and after about 15 minutes the pain went away. We continued to walk the rest of the day till late into the night. I went to work the next couple of weeks and then finally after 2 weeks decided that I would go to the doctor and have it examined. I figured that I had just pulled a groin muscle and it would be okay. But the pain continued to get worse. The night was a Tuesday, October 12, 1993 and belonging to an HMO I went to see the doctor on duty. He examined me and stated that he also felt that all I had done was to pull a groin muscle but to be on the safe side he wanted me to have x-rays taken. So they were. We went back to see the doctor and he prescribed a muscle relaxer and sent me home and back to wor . On Wednesday, October 13, 1993 and I was at another appointment at the HMO. My internal medicine doctor called me to say that I had to get to Springfield, Va right away that both of my hips were broken. I was terrified but off I went. I did not even call my finance at this time not knowing what was going on. The doctors did not even know I was coming. After more x-rays they determined that indeed both hips were broken and that the only way to fix them was surgery. (Well I was an old pro at surgery) This would be a piece of cake. Okay I piped, lets go. The doctor would not let me even drive home from the office as he was not sure what was going on. I called my Finance and my mother and told both of them and that the surgery was scheduled for 4:00 p.m. on October 14th, 1993. At the hopsital not knowing what to expect my finance stayed right by my side the whole time I was in the hospital. I was home in 4 days. After this procedure was done I had many surgeries to pin and try to fix the hip any way but to do t e THR. The first THR was done on September 1996 thats when the horror started. Just 3 week after I was getting dressed at 9:30 a.m. and the worst pain that you will ever experince flashed through me. I could think of no number but my husbands and I called him and begged him to come home at once. He did evenutally come and called 911 when he walked through the door. The ambulance took me to the local hosiptal and x-rays were taken to discover that the hip had dislocated. Then my HMO was called and I was tol that an ambulance would come and take me to Faifax Hospital. At 2:00 p.m. after a 2 hours wait the ambulnce loaded me in the back and my husband in the car and off we went for a 2 hours ride to Northern VA. The doctor had to be called and did not get to he hospital until after 6:00 p.m. He then took me to the operating room and put the hip back in for me. The HMO sent me home the next day and the doctor prescribed a special abduction brace to be worn to prevent dislocations. The doctor that fitted me wit the brace said to only wear the brace when I was up and mobile. So I did, well needless to say one week to the day at 2:00 a.m. the hip dislocated again. My husband called 911 and I called the HMO and off to the local hospital again. More x-rays and the tory hurry up and wait, the ambulance had to take me to Fairfax Hospital again. We arrived about 6:30 a.m. and were lucky enough to get to wait all day for OR time at 6:00 p.m. Home again and this time 24 hours in the brace. What a thrill. I wore the brac 24 hours a day for 3 months just like my doctor stated and 1 week to the day after taking it off the hip dislocated again. This time I called the HMO and told them to come to the house I would wait here because I knew what had happened. The doctors put t e hip back in and stated that the hip would have to be revised because it would not stay in. The manufacture made me one to my specs and it was inserted in March 1994. I lasted about a year with the revision and then the pain that had never gone away got o be unbearable and the doctor decided to replace the hip again in March 1997 and I am still having trouble, now battling and infection in it and the doctor tells me that I have to wait till April 1998 to have the replacement done this time. I am on a wal er but seem to be doing better I think. I wish I could get the doctor to believe me. Oh Well! that life and so is the support group that Linda has set up for us. I look forward to any and all e-mail responses and will answer them as fast as I can. Take care and talk to ya'll later.

Carl V - 02/19/98 04:38:07

City, State, Country: Houston,Tx, Harris
Age: 43
Sex: Male
How many hip surgeries have you had?: none/pending
What is the cause of your hip problems?: O.A. / use
What is/was your profession?: Lineman
I am faced with the decison of thr of the left hip and later the right hip. I am a horseman and calf roper in my spare time. I am looking for some advice from some one that has had a thr, and rides horses. I am willing to give up the calf roping, but I al o ride cutting horses. I would hate to lose the ability to ride my cutting horse. If there is anyone out there who can share some information I would be very grateful. Also I have heard very little about the rehab/healing process. Thanks for your replys

Michael H - 02/19/98 01:02:55

City, State, Country: Burlington, Ontario, Canada
Age: 47 (I used to be younger)
Sex: Male
How many hip surgeries have you had?: None yet
What is the cause of your hip problems?: avascular necrosis
What is/was your profession?: Sales Manager
I really want to hand it to you all. You are a stellar bunch of people. I started having a problem with my left hip after skiing last April and my family GP diagnosed it as a muscle pull and prescribed anti-inflamatories. As I have Crohn's disease that ab ut did me in (he warned me to be careful). When I saw my GI, he had me Xrayed and they revealed that I have AVN severely in my left hip and forming in my right. I am waiting an MRI and will have my left hip replaced sometime thereafter. My right probably n a few years. When this happened I had already had a kind of rough year. My best friend died in September and my Mom in November so I really was down and out about the whole thing. When I went looking on the net for information I found you all and realiz d that the hip thing is just a phase and with a support group world wide I'll be fine. Keep up the great work.


Mike L- 02/18/98 18:37:03

City, State, Country: Medway, OH USA
Age: 37
Sex: Male
How many hip surgeries have you had?: None
What is the cause of your hip problems?: Tramactic Arthritus
What is/was your profession?: Tecnical Services Mgr
I have been living with arthritus pain for the past 20 years due to a car wreck. The past 4 years the pain has been increasing along with my interst for a THR. Popping and cracking. I am now taking 6 to 9 ibuprofen which I don't think is a goog thing. I have consulted with several Doc. and they all advice me to wait. I would like to know if the glucasimine (sp??) will help or any other vitamins which will help me prolong the THR op. During the past 20 yrs my right leg has become shorter by a inch or so. Can the Docs. stretch this back out? I have already learned a great deal by reading others comments. Thanks for the sight Linda. Please add me to your News Letter. Thanks.

Jeraline G. C - 02/17/98 04:50:16

City, State, Country: Lilesville,NC, USA
Age: 63yrs.+7mos.
Sex: Female
How many hip surgeries have you had?: One, Nov.11, '97
What is the cause of your hip problems?: Arthritis
What is/was your profession?: Retired principal
Thanks to Linda and members of the THR group. This sight has been most comforting for me. After two yeas of trying to find the cause of my pain I finally found, Health Wise in July, that put me in touch with the Arthritis Foundation, who referred me to rhumatoligist, that diagonised my condition. After getting a second opinion I made up my mind to have the surgery and I am glad I did. I can't praise my doctor, John Ellis and the team at Moore Regional Hospital for the success of my surgery, nor thank he Lord for my healing. With the aid of a good support team, I have been blessed to have a textbook recovery. My mother, sister, children, grandson, neighbors, and church family has been with me all of the way. I'm in my fourth month and from time to time I forget my cane.

Michael E - 02/16/98 23:27:16

City, State, Country: Port Arthur,Tx
Age: 43
Sex: Male
What is the cause of your hip problems?: AVN (steroid use)
What is/was your profession?: Was Machinist/Machine Tool Repair
Had the ball capped on my left hip on Oct.4 1996, some new procedure at UTMB Galveston. Took prednisone on and off for about 2 years to help my back pain due to a herniated disc. Doctors would not due surgery on my back, said it could be treated with medication. Had back surgery Sept. 1994, worked great. No medication for sometime until spring of 1995; joint pain knees, elbows, wrists, ankles, and hips. More prednisone again. Left hip started giving me lots of trouble in 1996. Doctor sent me to Galveston UTMB for diagnosis. AVN in left hip recommend surgery soon. Surgery went well, no pain, felt great. Middle of 1997 hip pain started again in the hip that was operated on. Offered prednisone again NO!!! Treating me with Indomethacin. Without it, I do not walk long, unless a cane is used. Currently waiting on Doctor's next treatment. Do not want any more drugs.

Sandy C - 02/15/98 22:01:56
City, State, Country: Charlton, Mass USA
Age: 58
Sex: female
What is the cause of your hip problems?: OA
What is/was your profession?: Bank teller
I had my first THR in July of 97 , I dislocated in September, and November of 97. Was in a back brace for 8 weeks at a time, Dislocated again in January of 98. I am scheduled for revision surgery on Feb 23 98. Hopefully The dr. will fix the problem, In between dislocations I am pain free, a little aching occasionally, but certainly better than before, I only hope we fix the problem this time

Don B - 02/15/98 13:06:59

City, State, Country:
Northern Va
Age: 39
Sex: Male
What is the cause of your hip problems?: OA
What is/was your profession?: Marine
I had my THR on 4 Feb . 5 days later I was sent home. The operation seems to have been a complete success. The only real problem I encountered was when they wanted to give me two pints of my blood. That was the longest 8 hours of my hospital stay. My T is going well. The hardest thing for me is to not place more than 20% on my left leg due to uncemented THR. With all of the joint pain gone, I fell like I should be able to do more. 4 more weeks then I will be at 50%. I hope to start swimming at tha point. Even though I am only 39, I am very glad that I had the operation. Good Luck to all. Semper Fi

Jackie K - 02/15/98 07:41:19

City, State, Country: Ft. Riley, Ks
Age: 37
What is the cause of your hip problems?: n/a
What is/was your profession?: Sales Supervisor
Linda- I just purchased my long overdue and awaited computer today, and the first thing on my mind is to find any additional info. about hip replacement surgery. My mother whom is now 68 years old, and I must say quite a vivacious individual, has been living in extreme pain for about 5 yrs. now.( If not longer). She is a wonderful women, and mother and has long out lived my father due to her hard working background and culture. I would like to get involved in this support group so I can continue to educate her on the success stories, and give her hope so she may live the rest of her well deserved life pain-free.


pam g - 02/13/98 15:24:17

City, State, Country: N.Canton,Ohio
Age: 53
What is the cause of your hip problems?: oa
What is/was your profession?: homemaker volunteer
I am 9 days post op with a thr in my right hip. I was as nervous and filled with anxiety at the prospect of this surgery as a person could be. I spent months combing the web for all the information I could find on this procedure and picking peoples brains who have had it done. I am so glad it is over and behind me and I have no regrets. The first thing I thought when I awoke in recovery was "what have you done to yourself you idiot?" But as each day passed the pain lessened and I got stronger. This is a humbling experience in many ways. You're dependent on others for so many things and you see people in the hospital so bravely fighting the fight that it makes your problems seem small. Anyone facing this surgery. it's a good thing and it will make you strong. It's not easy but it's very doable.

JOSE L - 02/11/98 22:04:52

City, State, Country: Caracas, Df, Venezuela
Age: 29
Sex: male
What is the cause of your hip problems?: a very strong brow
What is/was your profession?: customer service in telecomunication company
i want to now many things about my hip replacement , right now i canīt walk fine i that is my critical problem

Pat M - 02/11/98 05:00:51

City, State, Country: Belmont, CA US
Age: 62
How many hip surgeries have you had?: One
What is the cause of your hip problems?: Wore out
What is/was your profession?: Police Sergeant
Surgery on 3rd of Feb. Returned home today and found your website

Annie - 02/11/98 04:55:24

City, State, Country: Albany, NY
Age: 51
Sex: female
How many hip surgeries have you had?: one
What is the cause of your hip problems?: congenital hip dysplasia
What is/was your profession?: former ranked tennis pro
Six years ago, while skiing, I felt a familiar sensation in my groin---a locking up. I thought it was a groin pull, and since the lift tickets were so much money, I continued to ski. A few months later I started to train seriously for tennis tournaments, and had enormous trouble bending down low for my shots. Still, I played some big tournaments, winning the last one, and climbing Mt. Washington, all with considerable pain and limping. A surgeon said I had a hernia, operated, but the old pain continued. I tried pt, which created synovitis. Finally, an orthopedist said I had AVN. A second opinion said I had OA. I had a hip arthroscopy, a very unusual surgery because a famous docto said that operation would postpone a thr and get me back on the tennis court. He was wrong. All the old pain actually worsened. I tried magnets, but they didn't help. I tried glucosomine/chrondroitan and that helped the pain considerably, but didn't mprove my range of motion. All activities were impossible, except swimming. Six months ago I had my thr, uncemented, with a European prothesis (short stem--helpful in revision). It was definitely the right way to go--my pain is almost non-existent, and I am playing tennis, biking, hiking, snowshoeing, all at modest levels, ut, hopefully, more intense levels as time continues to heal everything. Looking back on my hip pain I can see that it's been there for a long time--especially evident when I skied and every spring, when my tennis training intensified. My husband says that he remembers I always had a funny walk. My congenital hip dysple ia probably is caused pre-birth, since I am a twin, and there was "crowding in the womb." I


Tina K - 02/10/98 20:20:58

City, State, Country: Elizabethtown KY,
Age: 25
Sex: Female
How many hip surgeries have you had?: none
I am helping a friend find someone to talk to about her situation she has bone cancer and needs a hip replacement she was wanting someone to talk to about this. She does not have a computer so it would have to be by mail or phone. thank you,

Meyer B - 02/10/98 05:49:29

City, State, Country: Alabama (Atlanta is home)
Age: 35
Sex: male
What is the cause of your hip problems?: AVN, steroid induced (prednisone)
What is/was your profession?: Construction Project Manager
With AVN in both hips, I am faced this week with making the decision of core decompression or vascularized fibular bone graft. Through all my research, I haven't found anything really positive about core decompression. At 35 years of age THR is not a re l good option. I am leaning towards avasculurized fibular bone graft at Duke. I believe it to be my best shot at saving my hips at least for a while longer. Can anyone offer any advice or anything positive to say about core decompression. Fibular graf is much more involved procedure and much longer recoup time but better results. I have been doing alot of waiting. I know you can relate. I'd like to start getting better. Please help. Thanx.

Christi S - 02/10/98 01:02:43

City, State, Country: Tallahassee Florida
Age: 63
Sex: female
How many hip surgeries have you had?: none
What is the cause of your hip problems?: RA
What is/was your profession?: artist
I needed information on hip replacements. If you can please answer the following questions. 1)Who is the best hip replacement surgeon at Mayo Clinic in Jacksonville? 2)What is the cost? 3)What is the recovery time? 4) What is the possibility of having two hip replaced at once? 5)I need phone numbers of patients who have had hip replacements? 6)What hospitals near North Florida have a good reputation for hip replacements?


Mary - 02/09/98 06:24:17

City, State, Country: South Australia
Age: 49
Sex: Female
How many hip surgeries have you had?: 0 - 1 scheduled for March 2nd - 1998.
What is the cause of your hip problems?: OA
What is/was your profession?: Music Teacher
I am scheduled for a uncemented THR for my left hip on 2nd March 1998. I have been told I need an uncemented hip because of my age - given a normal life span I will require revision at some stage. I am worried about the recovery time with this type of THR - it seems to be longer and more painful. Also there seems to be some controversy regarding cemented and uncemented hips. Some people say one and others say the other and yet a third lot say hybrid is the way to go. I feel like I am going around in circle . Does anyone have any experience or knowledge they could share with me on this?

Kay - 02/09/98 06:11:54

City, State, Country: Lee's Summit, MO
Age: 46
Sex: female
How many hip surgeries have you had?: 0 - looking for advice
What is the cause of your hip problems?: AVN
What is/was your profession?: manager/fast food
I have had less than a week to absorb what is supposed to happen. I somehow stumbled in here. Your stories have given me support, but I worry that the bone decompression my doctor is suggesting will be a waste of money, time, and PAIN. While this procedure did not seem effective for most of you, in your opinion is it worth trying? I hope some one is awake, and writes back. Thanks,

DAN - 02/08/98 21:11:43

City, State, Country: SALEM OREGON
Age: 41
How many hip surgeries have you had?: NONE
What is the cause of your hip problems?: O-A
What is/was your profession?: EDM MANAGER

Brian S. - 02/08/98 11:31:50

City, State, Country: Easley, SC
Age: 40
Sex: Male
How many hip surgeries have you had?: None-Pending
What is the cause of your hip problems?: Steroid Induced AVN
What is/was your profession?: Mechanical/Plastics Engineer
Just turned 40. Pain in right hip since Sept. 97. Lots of Prednisone over last nine years to treat asthma! Nobody mentioned this as a consequence! Only recommended treatment and necessary to breath. I have two appointments scheduled to discuss THR in next few weeks. Pain and lack of mobility is getting me down!!!! I am very active, travel alot with my job and chase my four,six and wife around alot. I am scared about the surgery. Looks like most opt for THR over Core Decomp. Thanks to Linda's gre t WEB Sight, I have more information and at least feal prepared to talk to Doctors. Any information or encouragement would be appreciated. Especially from others that have been through this and are currently preparing. Thanks Linda for the great info!

Jim F - 02/07/98 15:40:05

City, State, Country: Emerald Isle, NC
Age: 43
Sex: male
What is the cause of your hip problems?: Bi-lateral AVN
What is/was your profession?: U.S. Marine (RET)
In 1993 i was prescribed prednisone for chronic sinusitis. I took it for less than 3 months. I had also been prescribed nasal steroids, on and off, for 9 years (they were considered contributory). May 1995, i experienced signifigant pain in the left hip nd minor pain in the right hip. June 1995, i couldn't walk from my bed to the bathroom. October 1995, i had a core decompression, w/ bone grafting on the left hip. Not sucessful. January 1996, i had a core decompression, w/ bone grafting on the right hip. Never knew if it was a sucess, because two weeks later my crutches broke, i fell and broke the right femur in half. I was put back together with a plate, screws and bolts. August 1996, left THA. March 1997, right THA. Now the right hip is great! Only min r pain. Left hip is not so hot. I have signifigant pain from behind the knee up to the hip. Does anyone have any ideas? best wishes to all !

Ted B - 02/07/98 02:19:38

City, State, Country: Woodland Hills CA
Age: 58
Sex: male
What is the cause of your hip problems?: oa
What is/was your profession?: lawyer
Surgery 1/5/98 on left hip. Home after 10 days (lost fair amount of blood which delayed return); after four weeks I am off of walker and on a cane. I can drive, says the doctor. Glad to be more mobile. All in all, I have experienced and continue to experience less pain post-op than I was suffering just prior to surgery.


David W - 02/06/98 18:50:54

City, State, Country: RIchmond, VA
Age: 38
Sex: Male
What is the cause of your hip problems?: osteoarthritis
What is/was your profession?: Electrical Enginer
At age 14 I had a slipped femural epiphysis in my left hip. Through surgery, pins were put in the bone to correct the problem. At age 17 an attempt was made to remove the pins but was unsuccessful. Osteo arthritis developed over the years with a lot of pain and stiffness. At age 36 I asked the doctors for a THR. It has been very successful and feels almost normal.

Kenneth W. O- 02/06/98 01:03:26
City, State, Country: Hillsdale, MI
Age: 47
Sex: Male
How many hip surgeries have you had?: 3 (but no hip yet)
What is the cause of your hip problems?: accident (pick-up)
What is/was your profession?: Truck Driver
I'm actually on my 10th surgery not all hip related. My hip(mostly the assutabula)was in several parts & put back with screws & plates. The metal was just removed little over a year later from the accident and infection set in so a hip could not be put i and I have to be on IV antibiotics for six weeks and hip replacement maybe 6 months to a year before it will take place. I'm on antibiotics now and next week Friday the 13th I'm having surgery to remove a spacer the put in a few weeks ago to help fight t e infection with antibiotic. I also had a rod in my femur removed and still have a plate in my lower leg. I have been pretty depressed lately because normally I'm a active guy. I was told a couple weeks ago I will probably never drive truck again. My ccident happen Nov. 1, 1996 over a year ago. A young boy 17 came over a hill on my side of the road and was picking up a sucker he droped in his mini van which hit me head on. The boy was in the hospital 4 days and I was 5 1/2 months. Of course I was on y 10 miles from home in my pickup truck and not in my semi. Will a hip really help me or just cause me more grief with future surgeries and more infection?


David J. H - 02/05/98 18:27:36

City, State, Country: Orlando, Fl. US
Age: 41
How many hip surgeries have you had?: 1-Core and Decompression both hips
What is the cause of your hip problems?: AVN
What is/was your profession?: Warehouse Floor Manager
Jan-97 I woke with a slight pain in my right hip, It progressed in severity, I went to my general doctor. He gave me NSAID's which did not work, he then advised I see a orthopeadic doctor. At that time I was diagnosed with AVN in both hips. It is now 2/5/ 8 and both joints have collapsed, OUCH! and I am on cruches with much pain. I am scheduled for a total right hip replacement on 2/10/98, with the left to follow six weeks later if all goes well. Wish me luck!


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