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Want to let you all know about the newest book on Hip Replacement, written by Sigrid Macdonald.

Sigrid is a freelance writer. Originally from New Jersey, she currently resides in Ottawa, Ontario.

GETTING HIP is a personal account of her recovery from a total hip replacement. From the painful deterioration of her joint, to making the difficult decision to have surgery, she takes us with her on her postoperative journey. She discusses preparation for hip surgery, potential complications of the operation, and provides a detailed description of her rehabilitation. Also included are interviews with ten people worldwide who have had hip replacements. GETTING HIP is written with wit and candor. It offers useful tips for coping physically and psychologically with hip surgery, as well as important information about how to treat a new hip in order for it to last as long as possible.

When you order your book through this link a small portion will also help support the Totallyhip website.

Click here for the book GETTING HIP

GETTING HIP is written in such a manner that it captures your attention from page one and just won't let you go. In fact, when Sigrid sent me a personal autographed copy, my mom picked it up while my Dad and I were repairing some dining room chairs. She started reading it, and then took it home with her to finish... before I could even get a good look at it. Well, today, I made sure to get my copy back so I could read it as well.

Let us know what you think after you read GETTING HIP. Linda

PS ~ Sigrid mentions the TOTALLY HIP website quite often in this book


Totally Hip Gets Cookin'

by Linda May-Bowser

More than just a collection of our member's favorite recipes. Linda's hip story and  how she founded the Totally Hip Support group; dedication story of a group member; post-op letter from another group member; helpful hip hints; hip precautions; list of questions to ask your doctor and Iron and Vitamin K in relation to Total Hip Replacement surgery.

Publication date: November 1999

Send a US POSTAL MONEY ORDER for $10 for each cookbook to:
Linda Bowser
907 Eighth Street
McComb, MS 39648

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The American Physical Therapy... Let me know of your book recommendations so I can add them to our library.

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