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Totally Hip Computer Fund

Founded July 14, 1998

computer_small.jpg (3730 bytes)

What was I to do when my outdated old 486 started to 'bite the dust'?   Should I dare ask God to help me get a new one?  Is it 'okay' to ask God to give you a new computer?  It didn't take very long for Him to give me an answer!

Within a week I had two ladies write to me separately with the suggestion that the Totally Hip Support Group could all chip in and purchase a new computer for me to use in this ministry.  I swallowed my pride and listed their letters in the THNewsletter.   In only 6 short weeks I had received enough donations to purchase the computer system you see in the above photo!

Donations came in almost everyday,  in amounts ranging from $2 to $300.  God let me know that "Yes,  it is okay to ask Him for a new computer!" 

The names listed below are those who sent in contributions,  God bless you all!


Gerda J, CA
Susan V P, MO
Donna W, AR
Eileen B, FL
Christine S, NJ
Anonymous, WA
Ellen M, PA
Michael A, NJ
Joanne, PA
Polly B, CA

Joyce F, TX
Serene & Hubby, CA
Marlyn W, TX
Eleanor M, NJ

Ed & Jan L, WA
Wayne B, LA
Kathy P, CO
Maureen V N, MA
Laura H, PA
Alice L, CA

Robin D, CA
Frank C, NH
Ruth B, CA
Margaret R, CA
Susan S, IN
Jay A, NY
John M, OK
Carolyn S, PA
Donna W, AR
Margie K, WA

Kathy M-C, CA
Jim S, TX
John S & Laurie S, NJ
Herbert C, TX
Sylvia L, CA
N.J. A, NY
Marcia D, NC
Betty E, WI
Sandy C, MA
Judith B, CA

Pat P, MD
Bobbie H, FL
Carol F, TN
Phyllis K, NY
Nola J, IL
Nancy P, MS
Mr. & Mrs. Robert L. M., FL
Kristi S. S, PA
Jane E, CA
Barbara H, FL

Dorothy M, CA
Mary G, WI
Sally M, NV
Jackie S, England

Thank you so much for your help
and may God bless you as much as He has blessed this web site! 

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