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This page was started on February 1, 1999

Mick Mars | Rudy Galindo | Rev. Billy Graham | Ruth Graham | Ray Charles | Sammy Shore | Katherine Hepburn | Buck Buchanan | George Karl | Doug Collins | Coach Krzyzewski  | Steve Perry | Eddie Van Halen | Liza Minnelli  | President Ronald Reagan
President George Bush, Sr. and first lady Barbara Bush
Jack Nicklaus | Elizabeth Taylor | Bo Jackson | Queen Elizabeth
Pope John Paul II | Dan GableEvel Knievel | George Archer
Neil Lomax | Bobby Nichols | Roddy Piper
Roald Dahl | Charlton HestonMike Ditka | Pavarotti

Motley Crue guitarist Mick Mars was recovering Wednesday after
undergoing hip replacement surgery, his publicist said.


Rudy Galindo


Bilateral THR recipient and skating again!

Galindo returns to ice after double hip replacement
Rudy Galindo is returning to the ice -- on two ceramic hips. (read more)

Rev. Billy Graham  (January 6, 2004)




Write to Rev. Graham in care of the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association, P.O. Box 779, Minneapolis, Minn. 55440, call 1-(877) 2-GRAHAM
visit his Web site at www.billygraham.org

Ruth Graham, wife of Rev. Billy Graham



Ray Charles

Read more abut it here:

EURweb headlines






Founder, Joe Ligon of the legendary Mighty Clouds of Joy http://www.compendiamedia.com/pressrelease20.html

The Associated Press
(Published December 3 2003)

LOS ANGELES (AP) - Ray Charles is recovering in his Beverly Hills home after undergoing a hip replacement last week.

"I feel terrific and am so thankful to the good Lord that all is going well for me," Charles said in a statement Tuesday. "I can't wait to get back on the road, which is my second home."

Acute discomfort in his left hip forced the 73-year-old singer in August to cancel his remaining 2003 tour dates. It was the first time Charles had canceled a tour in 53 years.


Sammy Shore

Legendary comedian Sammy Shore who has appeared with the likes of Elvis, Barbra Streisand, Ann Margaret, Tony Bennett, Sammy Davis and has now become a motivational speaker on the "JOYS  OF AGING"... Also founder of The Comedy Store in Hollywood, has had two complete hip surgery's at the same time 18 years ago. Monday Dec. 29th will have a femur replacement because of a fall walking his dogs. Dr Larry Dorr of the Arthritis Ins. at Centinella Hospital will do it as he did 18 years ago. This time I hope he gets it right. He is a genius. After the new year I'll be the hippest.
Sammy Shore

Katherine Hepburn

She had various health problems in later years, including hip replacement surgery and tremors similar to Parkinson's disease. Read more here....

Buck Buchanan, actor


KBLA [Los Angeles CA] 1966
KBBQ [LA] 1968
KGIL [LA] 1970
KNUI [Kahului Maui HI] 1971
KORL [Honolulu HI] 1972
WEIR [Weirton WV] 1977

KIOE [Honolulu] 1979 - owner
KRLA [LA] 1984
KRTH [LA] 1985-1990

Active member of TOTALLY HIP Support Group

Photo of Buck having his left THR surgery.


Buck is now able to ride his motorcycle again!

Buck has since died from other medical problems.


He is not out of here. George Karl has not left the building. The truth is, though he struggles with the paradox of coaching a sport that demands teamwork but rewards individuality, Karl can no more walk away from the National Basketball Association than a man can divorce his persona.

There's his passion for the game, which hasn't waned over the years, according to his friends. There's his zest for competition, an itch that a 51-year-old man with an artificial hip has only so many ways to scratch.

And, of course, there's his two-year, $14 million contract extension with the Milwaukee Bucks, which kicked in at the beginning of the 2002-'03 season.

Not that being the highest-paid coach in America is all it's cracked up to be.       

Doug Collins, NBA star and coach had simultaneous bilateral hip replacements last summer at Weiss Memorial hospital in Chicago by Dr. Henry Finn.

                                             Warm regards, 
                                             Dr. Shawn W. Palmer
Dear Linda,

I was very surprised that Coach K (Head Coach of Duke University's Men's Basketball team, the NCAA 2001 Champions) hasn't been listed yet!  His fans (and there are many, trust me) all know he's had a thr.  He talks about it briefly in his
Leading With the Heart motivational book, and he refers to his thr in many, many articles.  

He is truly inspirational!

"There is a spring in his step as he enters the racquetball court in Card Gymnasium to take on his usual noon foe, athletic director Joe Alleva, who is seven years younger than Coach K's 54 years.

No matter, Krzyzewski lunges about, looking spry and agile.

And all this on an artificial hip joint.

"I'm as young mentally and passionately as anybody," he says after the match. "I mean, I'm fresh. I love this school. I'm in great health. I don't have a bad hip. I have a hip replacement."

Eddie Van Halen gets hip - literally

By Dr. Stephen A. Shoop and John Morgan,
A Doctor in Your House.com

With the recent departure of Van Halen's lead singer Gary Cherone, you might think that band leader Eddie Van Halen has been busy working on a replacement. But while rumors abound that Sammy Hagar or David Lee Roth may be recalled to front-man duties, the replacement foremost on Eddie's agenda has been his hip.

On Nov. 16, the 44 year-old guitar wizard underwent hip replacement surgery in Los Angeles. The operation was performed by orthopedic surgeon John R. Moreland, who did similar procedures for Elizabeth Taylor and Liza Minnelli.


Saturday January 13 1:49 PM ET
Former President Reagan Undergoes Hip Surgery

By Kevin Krolicki

LOS ANGELES (Reuters) - Former President Ronald Reagan, 89 years old and suffering from Alzheimer's disease (news - web sites), underwent 90 minutes of emergency surgery on Saturday to repair a hip broken during a fall at his home, an aide said.

Doctors at St. John's Health Center in Santa Monica inserted a pin into the former president's fractured right hip joint. Reagan's 60-year-old daughter Maureen is also a patient at St. John's, undergoing cancer treatment.

The surgery started at 9 a.m. PST, and was completed about 90 minutes later, an aide at Reagan's Los Angeles office said. Reagan was taken to a recovery room and doctors are expected to brief reporters on his condition later in the day.

Reagan, who will turn 90 in 25 days, broke his hip in a fall at his home in the Bel-Air section of Los Angeles on Friday.

Medical experts said surgery to insert a stainless steel pin was less complicated than a full hip replacement used to treat more complicated fractures.

Reagan, who left office in 1989 after two terms of a presidency that revitalized the fortunes of the Republican Party in U.S. politics, was diagnosed with Alzheimer's disease seven years ago.

He was reported in stable condition after entering the hospital on Friday, but a radiologist at the hospital told the Los Angeles Times that he had been in visible pain.

Reagan's wife, former first lady Nancy Reagan, was with him all day on Friday and even donned a protective apron to stay with him while he had X-rays taken, the newspaper said.

Nancy Reagan has been the former president's primary caretaker since his diagnosis with Alzheimer's, sheltering him in their Bel-Air home.

People who have seen Reagan in recent years said his Alzheimer's condition was worsening and his physical activity was becoming more and more restricted. The Los Angeles Times said Reagan has been struggling to walk unassisted and does not always recall being president.

Reagan survived a 1981 assassination attempt that put a bullet near his heart, a 1985 colon cancer operation and 1987 prostate and skin-cancer surgery.

The former Hollywood actor and California governor was elected in 1980. He led a conservative revolution that transformed the face of American politics and become the first president since Dwight Eisenhower to serve two terms.

Some 300,000 Americans, almost all of them elderly, suffered hip fractures last year, according to the American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons. Only 25 percent of patients make a full recovery and some 20 percent die within a year, according to the academy.

The risks are higher for older patients and those that are unable to take care of themselves, who can be at higher risk of dislocating the injured hip.

A third of hip fracture patients over 90 years old die within a year of the injury, and the patients that make a full recovery are typically those that have been able to function independently before breaking their hips, according to published research.

Reagan able to sit up after hip repair


Rochester, Minn. (AP) - Former President Bush had his left hip replaced Tuesday morning (December 5, 2000) at the Mayo Clinic, and the clinic reported that things went well.

The surgery was completed at 7:40 am, the clinic said in a statement.

The clinic did not say how long the surgery lasted. Bush, 76, was resting comfortably in his hospital room.
He was expected to be hospitalized for five days.

Former first lady Barbara Bush also had successful hip replacement surgery at the Mayo Clinic in December 1997.

Bush was hospitalized in February in Texas to have tests for an irregular heartbeat. His physician, Dr. Ben Orman, said at the time the former president "is in excellent health overall."

Both Bush and his wife also have a thyroid disorder, called Graves' disease, which can be controlled with medication.

Then in the December 10, 2000 issue of McComb's Enterprise-Journal newspaper:


Rochester, Minn. (AP) - Former President Bush was released Saturday from the Mayo Clinic following hip surgery earlier in the week.

He will return to Houston where he plans to keep a limited schedule while recuperating, a Bush spokesman said.

The 76-year-old ex-president had his left hip replaced Tuesday.

Pavarotti recovers from hip surgery

Pavarotti weds



pavarotti.gif (44171 bytes)

July 20, 1998 cover

New Orleans Saints coach Mike Ditka

CNN/SI: You've been through a heart attack and two hip replacements. How's your health?

Ditka: The hips are great, I feel great right now, it's the best I've ever felt. I ran this morning, I run every morning I'm here. I work out, I'm in better shape now than I've been in probably the last five or six years, I've taken off some weight. I feel good, I really do—I feel good about life, I feel good about everything.

Charlton Heston:

President, National Rifle Association, "Moses" in The Ten Commandments, August 25, 1998

"I agree that the surgery is so successful I hate to see anyone put it off; I now can't imagine why I did."

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charltonheston3.gif (41089 bytes)

Roald Dahl, writer

"When he crash-landed his biplane in the Libyan desert, he suffered a fractured skull, spinal injuries and a smashed hip. His injuries required a hip replacement and two spinal operations, the last in 1947.

In the sort of macabre gesture that would later characterize his writing, he preserved the end of a femur that surgeons had removed and used it as a paperweight in his writing studio."


Jeff Meaney's Roald Dahl Page

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Roddy Piper,   WCW wrestler

"He underwent a total hip replacement in Dec. '95 and has suffered numerous injuries, as well as being stabbed by irate fans and shot at once! At WCW's Halloween Havoc '96, he appeared to once again feud with Hogan, and continues there today. His finishing move is the sleeper hold. He stands 6'2"s tall, 235 lbs., resides in Oregon with his wife Kitty and 6 children, dogs, chickens and horses! His latest film, The Bad Pack, can be found in video stores."

A tribute to Roddy

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roddypiper1.jpg (18774 bytes)

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Bobby Nichols,   Sr golf pro

"I had both hips replaced not too long ago. After the operation, I actually found it easier to make a more level hip turn, rather than an upward and lateral slide. When you make a level turn, you'll feel as though your weight is shifting only to the inside of your rear foot, not to the outside."


Jack Nicklaus is Totally Hip!Jack Nicklaus, golf pro

Jack Nicklaus has set his priorities in his recovery from hip replacement surgery

BOSTON (AP) - Dateline: Thursday, Jan. 28, 1999
Jack Nicklaus, winner of a record 18 professional majors, had his left hip replaced in surgery at New England Baptist Hospital.

Nicklaus, 59, will be on crutches for the next six weeks. He'll miss the Masters for the first time in 40 years.

Dateline: Tuesday, Feb. 2, 1999:
BOSTON (AP) - Golf legend Jack Nicklaus, recovering from hip replacement surgery, said his game was not the prime reason for undergoing the operation.

"Golf wasn't the reason I came here," Nicklaus said Monday at the news conference at New England Baptist Hospital. "The quality of life was the reason I came here."

Nicklaus, 59, who will be on crutches for six weeks, will miss the Masters in April for the first time in 40 years and possibly the U.S. Open in June, but doctors have said he should be able to play competitively again.

Update on Jack




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Elizabeth Taylor, actress

For quite some time, walking was so painful she used a cane. I am sure she was dreading yet ANOTHER surgery, but the pain was something that could not be ignored, much less forgotten. So, she had her left hip replaced first. Many months later, she had the right hip done. Her recuperation did not go smoothly at all, which led to the discovery that the last surgery had left one leg longer than the other! She had to have a THIRD hip replacement to restore the leg to an equal length of the other. CAN YOU BELIEVE THAT!?!?!?!? With all the other trials and tribulations during these bleak several years, what more can come her way?

During this five-year period, she suffered the deaths of her mother; her close friend/confidant/publicist Chen Sam; ANOTHER divorce; ANOTHER surgery for the removal of a brain tumor; a terrifying seizure following her release; a fall that resulted in a spinal compression fracture; another fall that resulted in a fractured ankle; the death of her life-long friend, Roddy McDowell; ANOTHER surgery this past December for a bad sinus problem; and, most recently, Larry Fortensky, her last husband, fell down a flight of stairs, and, at last report, was in a coma, and in critical condition!

When people speak of Elizabeth Taylor as being a survivor, this list alone would be justification enough, but, remember, these events are only from the last five years! This poor woman has endured this kind of pestilence her entire adult life!

A quote of hers keeps replaying itself in my mind almost constantly, "There is a price to be paid!" This was in reference to her life-long struggle with tragedy in one form or another. Yes, she may have been the most beautiful woman in the world her whole life; yes, she may "hob-nob" with Kings and Queens, and Presidents, and Prime Ministers, and all the most famous people in the world; yes, she may have incredible privileges and a very privileged life; yes, she may be wealthy enough to support many third world countries, but look at the "price she has paid!"

But, through all this, her concern is raising as much money as possible for AIDS, and those who suffer from it! That is what being a "humanitarian" is all about! And, it is just one of the many reasons I admire this woman so profoundly.

Elizabeth Taylor
Allan Trivette (Trivette's Tribute To Taylor)

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Elizabeth Taylor is Totally Hip!

Bo Jackson

Bo Jackson, football, baseball, actor

I found a quote from Bo Jackson regarding his hip replacement on his web site:

"I injured my hip playing football with the Los Angeles Raiders. We were in the playoffs, playing against the Cincinnati Bengals and I was tackled from behind and my hip was injured. I eventually had a total hip replacement and played only baseball for the next two seasons. I have now retired from all sports."

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Queen Mother

Queen Elizabeth, the Queen Mother in Britain.

She had her second hip replacement in January 1998 at the age of 97. Recent newsreels show that she is walking well. She carries a cane but is never seen in public actually using it! Must be one of the oldest hippies around - now 98.

Alan Headon

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Pope John Paul II

Pope John Paul II Pope John Paul II
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Dan Gable

Dan Gable, wrestler

Olympic Gold Medallist 1972

"Gable, in his 21st season as Iowa's wrestling coach, had his left hip replaced Thursday. The surgery went well, Kathy reported, "better than expected."

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Evel Knievel pops a wheelie!  To see more,  click here!

EVEL KNIEVEL,  daredevil stuntman

"Evel continues to do print and radio endorsements for Tampa General Hospital, where his hip replacement and pelvis reconstruction was performed and where he is being treated for his Hepatitis C. This will also be where his liver transplant operation will be done"

Videos at Amazon.com:

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Read more about George Archer by clicking here!

George Archer, sr. professional golfer

"He rebounded from right hip replacement surgery in 1996 and played a full schedule in '97, recording five top-10 finishes. He has been hampered by injuries his entire career -- including seven major surgeries. He is considered one of the games all-time great putters, and at one time held a PGA Tour record for fewest putts over four rounds. "

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Click here for more about Neil Lomax

Neil Lomax, former NFL Quarterback

Biography #1
"Neil's hip replacement surgery forced him to retire in 1990."

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If information listed here is incorrect, please let me know!
Also, send PRINTED information to me about celebrities with Total Hip Replacements that I have not yet listed
so that I can place them in our "Totally Hip Hall of Fame"

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