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The "Chorus Line Girls"

of McComb, Mississippi

We met 3 times each week, year round, at the local health club indoor heated pool for water therapy.

Madeline D was our fearless leader!

Members of our group suffer from several forms of arthritis,  joint replacements,  back surgery,  lung surgery and various other health ailments.

pool02.jpg (50357 bytes)

Our sessions began with a warm up pool walk.

This is where we walked the length of the pool two rounds.

The pool is 25 meters long and 4' deep.

pool03.jpg (51197 bytes)
pool11.jpg (46181 bytes) The next step was to form our "Chorus Line" at the ropes.

At the ropes we began with leg stretches.  

Right leg first,  to the front,   then to the side and then to the back.  Stretch to the count of 12 in each direction.

"Bring it up,  kick it out and STRETCH, STRETCH, STRETCH!"

<--- that's me on the right end!

pool13.jpg (50816 bytes)
pool10.jpg (52235 bytes)
pool15.jpg (58565 bytes) Don't forget to:
  • Stand up straight
  • Suck that belly in
  • Tuck that butt under
  • Chin up
pool18.jpg (50740 bytes)
pool19.jpg (51818 bytes) Upper body needs a workout too!

Arms above head, spread legs and stretch to the right side 12 times,   then to the left side 12 times.

Stretch to the front, and then to the back 12 times each.

pool01.jpg (25459 bytes)
pool26.jpg (46326 bytes) Notice the poor fella in the workout room,  gettin' all sweaty while we stayed cool in the pool!

Grin and bear it!

This one is hard on my shoulders and upper arms.....  and if you do it right,  you can feel the stretch all the way down to your toes!

<----- That's me, Linda Bowser!

poollinda.jpg (40515 bytes)
pool12.jpg (44630 bytes) Some were short and found it necessary to stand on tip toes!
pool20.jpg (58785 bytes) Two empty plastic bleach jugs, with the caps on tightly,  made great floatation aids in the pool.   These are especially good if you happen to be short.
pool04.jpg (13979 bytes) An onlooker,  deciding that she will join us next week!

Notice the foam NOODLES on the edge of the pool.  These were designed for kids in the pool but we found them to be great floatation aids for us.

Most of us weren't swimmers and barely got our hair wet!

pool07.jpg (20274 bytes) Notice the wonderful set of handicapped steps we were able to use. 

I was told that the group raised the $2,000 to purchase these steps for the pool,  several years ago.

pool29.jpg (62199 bytes) Our leader,   Madeline Dick is retired from the Pike County Civil Defense.

Without her leadership,  I would be staying home!

pool23.jpg (39229 bytes) Showing some other types of floatation devices that can be used in the water.
pool09.jpg (23935 bytes) When you are finished with your pool workout you can relax in the HOT TUB!

Notice that even here there is a sturdy hand rail to aid in getting in and out of the hot tub.

hottub1.jpg (39930 bytes) Jessica and Linda enjoyed the hot tub after a workout in the pool.

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