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"I see so many messages posted about not knowing which surgeon to see...about bad surgery having been the thought of an area where we past patients can refer our doctors if we're satisfied would be of great help to others just beginning their bad mouthing the less than adequate ones...merely letting others know of the good ones "

~~~Linda K~~~


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Carlos R 36yrs. Old 
THR- Right Hip
Jersey City, New Jersey, Greenville Hospital

I was truly blessed with my doctor because he took the time to explain and made me feel at ease. After I was released from the hospital this man took the time to call my house every night for some time to ask how I was doing! He fought with my HMO because they wanted to sent me home early because of my age, but "Doc" did battle for me and for that I am grateful!

name: Jan C
surgery date: November 1, 1999
type: total hip replacement
doctor: Richard H. Rothman
place: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
hospital details: Rothman Institute at Jefferson Thomas Jefferson University Hospital, 925 Chestnut Street, Philadelphia, Pa. 19107, phone: 215-855-3458

Imagine a place where a staff member goes from room to room, playing violin in the genre you prefer. A five star hotel? A very exclusive cruise ship? No, this was just one of my wonderful experiences in the orthopaedic ward at Jefferson Hospital where I recuperated after total hip replacement by Dr. Richard H. Rothman, President of the American Association of Hip and Knee Surgeons ( the violinist was a nurse who volunteered his talents before his shift began). My surgery went so well that I have needed absolutely no  pain killers after the operation. Experience (Rothman's not mine) clearly matters, and he has done more than 20,000 hip replacements. The care and its organizational sophistication was unbelievable. Dr. Rothman was on the phone to my wife even before my incision was fully closed by his team. From the physical therapists to the occupational therapists, from the nurses to the attending cardiologist, I met, in five days, nothing but the most competent, attentive, caring, hardworking and cheerful people. Even the dreaded hospital food was actually quite good. I am home now, looking back at a truly extraordinary week. The Rothman Institute may have equals elsewhere in the world but I lack the imagination to contemplate how my experience could be surpassed. 

Darlys M

Surgery:  Revision Total Hip Arthroplasty performed at Central DuPage Hospital
Date of Surgery:  Feb. of 1998

Doctor:  Dr. Wayne Paprosky
Main Office: Central DuPage Hospital, 25 N. Winfield Rd., Winfield, IL. 60190, Ph# 630-682-5653

Comments: Dr. Paprosky specializes exclusively in primary and revision total hip and knee arthroplasty. Many of the surgeries he performs are technically extremely difficult and deal with cases of the most severe nature, correcting problems such as massive bone loss in both the femur and the acetabulum. He teaches his trade all over the world and is held in the highest esteem by his peers.  He is what I call a teachers teacher.

I found the staff at Central DuPage Hospital to be warm and friendly and extremely competent. I strongly recommend Dr. Paprosky and the Central DuPage Hospital to anyone who is a candidate for replacement hip surgery, especially those who have already had multiple surgeries.

Patty M
Dr. William Jaffe
Park Avenue and 89th Street
New York City
Hospital for Joint Disease
Dr. Jaffe performed a left total hip replacement on me in December, 1997. He
is an excellent surgeon and a wonderful man as well.  He gets my highest
recommendation.  He will be eventually replacing my right hip as I have AVN
in that hip as well.


Crinda M

I had two hip replacements, a year apart, in 1995 and 1996.  I suffered from congenital hip dysplasia, and had had surgery as an infant on both hips.  One hip had to have a lot of bone reconstruction, and extra work.  The other one was much easier.

My doctor's name:  Dr. Kevin Garvin
Doctor's City, State:  Omaha, NE
Hospital:  University Hospital

Comments:  Dr. Garvin came well recommended, and knows a lot about the problems associated with my type of problem.  He is soft spoken, with a great bedside manner.  He really knows his stuff.  I have recommended him and his staff to anyone that has asked me about hip surgery. I am now 37 years old, so I will have to go through this again in about 15 years; so I hope that you will all help me through it again! 

Vicky H

My INCREDIBLE doctor is: Dr. Aaron Rosenburg
Midwest Orthopedics
Rush Pres. St. Lukes Hospital
Chicago, IL   
Phone: 312-243-4244

Dr Rosenburg and his staff are extremely busy BUT never have I felt rushed in anyway. God bless him for making my past 6 years better. With experimental surgeries I have luckily kept my legs, time is running short but I think 6 years is WONDERFUL. What a great team!

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The AMA has a web site at that contains listings of MDs, both members and nonmembers. When you enter the home page click on "Search" on the left side of the page, then click on highlighted "AMA Physical Select" and to from there. You can select by name or specialty. The listings contain the credentials (specialties, board certifications, schools attended, residencies, etc.

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