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A collection of hints from the real hippies themselves.

If you have some helpful hints to add to our list, please send them via email to Linda Bowser.


10 parts water
6 parts windshield washer fluid
put in zipper type freezer bag and then in another freezer bag [to prevent leaks]
place on towel, etc,
I keep them in all sizes-pints, quarts, and 1/2 gallons.

If the stuff doesn't freeze up almost solid, add more water. It's great!


I have been noticing quite a few of "Hippie" members asking about the recipe for BLUE ICE. I have one that was given to us by moms PT.

It is the same as yours except you use plain rubbing alcohol instead of windshield washer fluid. I don't remember the ratio of alcohol to water. I just put one pint of alcohol into a gallon size zip lock freezer bag and fill the bag the rest of the way with water. Lay the bag FLAT in the freezer. The "ICE PACK" would then be about one inch thick.

The ice should get "mushy" making it pliable enough to be formed to the contours of the patients body part.

If it is not solid enough, just add more water.

If it gets TOO solid, add more alcohol.

Return the pack to the freezer after each use. We have been using the same ice pack for a couple of years.

p.s. It is a good idea to double bag it (just in case)



Buy a vinyl boat cushion with handles. It will make life easier when getting into your car, as well as giving a little lift when you need it in a chair.


I have been getting terrible, large calluses on my hands from the walker.  I imagine others might also get them from using crutches.  My
daughter suggested I use my gym gloves - almost completely fingerless, but with leather pads on my palms. They are really doing the trick.

GARBAGE BAGS  minus the trash!

Be sure to take a large plastic garbage bag with you to use when coming home from the hospital after your thr surgery.

Since most auto seats are made of valour, better known as VELCRO®, it is difficult to SLIDE in or out. But with the "handy-dandy" garbage bag under your bottom, life will be as slick as ever!


Keep a child's inexpensive JUMP ROPE or a pair of PANTY HOSE next to your bed. They work great for helping you to get your 'bad' leg back into the bed. I have also used a beach towel for this purpose.

The jump rope will fool your visitors into thinking you may be overdoing it with the PT :)


Before, and after your hip surgery, keep a diary of what happens to you, and how you feel about it.

Not only will this help take your mind off of your pain, it will prove to be beneficial to others in need of hip surgery.

Never know when you may have a top 10 best seller!


It's a great idea to keep a PORTABLE TELEPHONE with you, either in your walker basket, next to or in your bed, or in your pocket.

That way you will have it in case "you have fallen, and can't get up", and are able to answer it without doing the 50 yard dash :)


What a handy invention! Get some that is sticky and put a piece on your walker or crutch. Put the other piece on your REACHER/GRABBER and walla! It's there with you when you need it.

Do you have any other hints for using VELCRO®


Those who experience injuries to either their muscles or ligaments should remember to apply ice first and heat later.

Ice applied immediately after injury helps control pain and swelling and decreases inflammation, internal bleeding, and muscle spasms. Ice should be kept on the injured area for no longer than 20 minutes. Otherwise, it may damage skin and nerves. Ice can be reapplied every two hours for the first one to two days.

Heat should not be placed on an injured muscle or ligament immediately after injury because it stimulates blood flow, which may increase swelling. Heat can be used after pain and swelling have decreased, usually about two days following the injury, to relax muscles and reduce pain.


If you are going to use a walker, try purchasing a basket to be attached to the front for carrying stuff. A child's bicycle basket should work well.


Another handy item is an apron with pockets. This can be worn around the house and is handy for keeping up with your portable telephone, and countless other items you might need. If the pockets are large enough you can also carry a covered drinking cup with you. Aprons are recommended for those of us using crutches or walkers and have no hands free for "totin' stuff".


A travel mug with a tight fitting lid is a life saver to those of us using crutches, walkers, canes and even wheelchairs.


If you are recovering from THR surgery in a two story dwelling, then you might consider having two walkers available for your use. Keep one upstairs and one downstairs.

If your bedroom is located upstairs, consider placing your recovery bed on the first level for the first 3-6 weeks.

If your only bathroom is located upstairs, keep a portable or bedside commode on the first level.

  • Get the "handicapped" placard that you hang from your rearview mirror so you can use those close up parking places when you start eating out or shopping!!!  In Mississippi the courthouse will give you a form to be filled out and signed by your doctor.
  • Arrange for someone to come clean your house for at least 2 months post op.
  • Get your shelves stocked with groceries that fit your lifestyle.
  • In addition to the grabber and elevated toilet seat which are necessities, you will really use the shower chair.
  • Place a  cart with wheels beside your favorite chair.  This will give you room for all your meds., lotions, paper/pens, books, games, snacks, Kleenex, phone book, and portable telephone.  This can then be rolled into your bedroom to serve as a bedside cart.
  • Buy a flashlight that you can attach a string to.  Hanging this by your
    bed and when you have to get up in the night put it around your neck
    that way you can find your way to the light switch or you can turn off
    the lights and find your way to bed.  I used to hang it on my walker at
    night so I wasn't bothering others that were sleeping when I went
  • Buy underwear with a high rise on the outside (bikini brief) as the seam
    on normal ones may bother the incision.

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