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Thought you all might be interested in the following excerpts from an on-line history of orthopedics:

In 1942, another American, Austin T. Moore (189-1963) reported and performed the first metallic hip replacement. He had replaced, for the first time, the entire upper portion of the femur with a vitallium prosthesis a foot long. It had a round head, loops for muscle attachments, and a lower end, which slipped over the cut shaft and bolted to it. Over the years, the design of the prosthesis and the procedure improved. Consequently, there is one type of prosthesis called the Austin-Moore, which is still used today.

In 1950, the great Sir John Charnley (1911-1982) of Manchester wrote a classic book on the non-operative approach to fractures, "The Closed Treatment of Common Fractures". Charnley is however renown as the effective innovator of the total hip replacement. Among other principal contributions was the development of a self-curing acrylic cement to anchor both the femoral replacement and the acetabular cup. Charnley was also interested in joint friction, replacing the Teflon with the use of high-density polyethylene. Many of the total hip replacements that he performed in the 1960's are still sound and serving their patients effectively. 

I'm Harry Alan Gorman, son of Dr. Harry Arthur Gorman. I grew up with a Veterinarian father who was truly amazing within the field (he was at least a diplomat in 9 colleges of medicine). He attended Ohio State University while in the US Air Force, receiving his MS in Orthopedic Surgery in 1954. That MS was a result of his development and patenting of the artificial hip joint. Although his development spring boarded from the abandoned work that a German Doctor did regarding finger joint replacement, the artificial hip joint THAT MY FATHER INVENTED, found its way into all of my family pets and was modified for use in humans - your hip joint replacement.

Dad died in 1989 and in ~1992 was voted into the Smithsonian Museum for work on the joint replacement (he was also voted to be accepted in the Aerospace Smithsonian for his work on the space programs and those inventions. Since no one was left to amass the display's necessary for the Museums, he never got a display. The original hip joint that received the patents (I believe) can still be found mounted somewhere at the CSU College of Vet. Med. As an Orthopedic Surgeon he also invented long bone extenders and "the Gorman approach to the hip" is still used. Before his death he retired from Colorado State University as Dean of the college for professional relations and had served as president of the AVMA, a MUCH more powerful and well funded association than the AMA.

Harry Alan Gorman


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